128trip business card/plane ticket theme

Project: Business Card Design
Client: 128trip.com
For: Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp.
My Role: Graphic Designer

Great vacation deals can now be had at 128trip.com.  This site utilizes Sabre GDS, the same global distribution system that Expedia uses except 128trip has additional deals focused on Asia tourism.  Once the corporate identity was establisehd with the logo and colour scheme, the next natural course was to develop a business card for the sales team.

After several versions of bold looking cards, I was still not satisfied with the outcome.  The next morning I came back to the drawing board with a fresh idea.  “Lets take this travel theme literally!”  All excited, I did some quick research, then went to work with Adobe Illustrator.  The end product was a mini plane ticket all in the right proportions.  All the card’s info was where it needed to be.  Dye-cuts and perforated lines were all necessary to carry forward this themed card.  The great thing was it could still fit in a wallet.