ipad PVR Interface Experiment

Project: ipad PVR Interface
Client: NA
For: myself
My Role: Graphic Designer, Usability Designer

After several years of owning a Motorola PVR from Shaw cable, I got sick of looking at the user interface.  It is the same outdated limited UI as it was when the Motorola digital box first released.  With all the cool gadgets like iPhones, Nintendo Wiis and iPads, we are all quite accustomed to a very personalized and state of the art interface.  I got curious and started playing around with possibilities with syncing devices currently owned by consumers to navigate through their PVR.

In this experiment, I chose the iPad as the navigation device.  A simplistic colour scheme was derived and applied to the friendly rounded elements with subtle highlights and shadows to give the directory  depth.  This interface would be relatively easy to navigate for someone who owns any type of Apple swipe screen device.  At the top, you can see that the device greets you by name to show who is currently logged in.  Without saying, a logged in user would have their preset preferences to make their TV watching, PVR recording, and PVR navigating a great experience.