Eagle Ridge Fitnes website

Project: Website
Client: Eagle Ridge Fitness
For: Flavour Studios
My Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer

Soon after my personal training sessions with Sam Noh had ended at Steve Nash Fitness World, he gave me a call looking to have a website done.  Naturally I said yes, and the project began.  Little did I know, Sam wanted a website like no other that I have made til now.  He wanted a Direct Response Marketing website which required me to break MANY of my design and usability rules.  For example, the homepage didn’t have it’s navigation at the top of the website, but at the bottom… which was 39 mouse scrolls to reach!  This single page was packed full of videos, testimonials, and numerous over-sized opt-in buttons.  Some would consider this a “spam” site.  As I reasoned to propose other solutions, Sam was adamant with his strategy.  With his provided logo, I came up with a bright colour scheme, bold font faces and dynamic design elements to brand ERF to appeal and inspire the target market.  The website content was so abundant that it was re-structured various times before the end result.

Since the launch of BCworkout.com,  we have been tracking the call-to-action page using Google Analytics and to my surprise,  this site is doing really well!  This site actually converts traffic into clients.  Has this opened my eyes of usability rules and the final objective? Yes.  Can this site be improved to flow better while maintaining or improving the conversion rate?  Probably.  My research will continue with these so called “spam” sites with poor flow and poor aesthetics yet with high conversion rates.