Hotel PURE Entrance

Project: Interior Design – Branding
Client: Hotel PURE
For: Hotel PURE
My Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Display Designer
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Now that we have moved into a new office and had a bit of time to settle in, it was time to brand the front entrance and reception area. Our head office is most frequented by investors and independent hotel owners. Upon entering the building, it was without a doubt that we had to immerse them with the Hotel PURE brand.  After some research and materials sourcing, it became quite apparent that it would be more economical to do these displays in-house. Time to flex my display skills!

First on the list was designing the front entrance.  Since there were no immediate plans to install a back-lit sign, the glass windows was my canvas. I proposed two options to my boss. One that was very “graphic” and bold, and the other wad very basic and to the point.

Hotel PURE head office Proposal 1 Hotel PURE head office Proposal 2

Surprisingly, he went for the basic. In other projects he always chooses the flashier or more extravagant option. We got the vinyl graphics prepared at CET Productions as we had great experience with them in the past.  I took on the responsibility to apply the vinyl myself as I had done it a few times in the past.  In the end, it looked perfect. Straight lines and no visible bubbles.

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