Enda B screenshot

Project: Website redesign
Client: Enda B Men & Women / DKNY Vancouver
For: Flavour Studios
My Role: Art Director, Usability Designer, Graphic Designer

Enda-B’s previous website was aesthetically pleasing but it did not match their image and had limited functionality and info.  Elton Pao and I stepped in and did a complete makeover.  We first had a meeting with Lance, head of marketing to discuss their needs.

After a few meetings and emails, we presented them with a flow chart and wire-frame.  Once approved, I let my creative juices flow and started designing.  Enda B was an already established brand in the West 10th shopping district that carried high-end brands such as Michael Kors, Elie Tahari, Teenflo and the list goes on.  So to strengthen the brand, we used photography from these brands and paired it up with minimalistic sans serif fonts to create a posh,  high-fashion feel.  The complex colour scheme consisted of neutral earthy colours contrasted by vibrant feminine colours to engage the target market.

To help rank the homepage as high as we can on Google, we decided to integrate a blog.  The frequently updated content enabled  the homepage to generate hundreds of hits a week.  A lead generator is also visible by users on the right side bar on every page so they can easily opt-in for newsletters and deals.

Enda B Group also runs two DKNY stores in Vancouver.  A flagship store on Granville, and another at Oakridge Mall.  It turns out that DKNY headquarters are very strict about how their partners advertise the brand.  Therefore this site is more Enda B centric.