Medication Management Canada website screenshot

Project: Website Design
Client: Medication Management Canada
For: Flavour Studios
My Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer
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Without getting into healthcare industry jargon, Medication Management Canada (MMC) provides pharmacists the tools to better serve their clients with innovative solutions.  If that’s still a bit vague, more info can be obtained at the  MMC about page.

After compiling the logo objective, we started with designing the logo and corporate identity from scratch, producing three concepts.  They loved logo #1 after a few modifications.  The font-face used was minimalistic with subtle style cues to portray originality and innovation.  The 3 points radiating from the orange core represent MMC promoting efficacy, safety, and adherence.  On the other hand, the icon can also symbolize a patient(orange core) acquiring efficacy, safety, and adherence with their prescriptions.  The orange colour has a visual parallel with the Network Healthcare logo as they both incorporate the same orange hue.

Medication Management Logo Proposal

MMC was looking for a sleek look for their website to show off their innovative products and approach.  We derived the colour scheme from monochromatic blues since it psychologically evokes a sense of trust and contrasts the orange in the logo.  Soft transitions with bold colour, clean lines and plenty of white space keep this information site attractive and functional.