Omnihealth website screenshot

Project: Website Design
Client: OmniHealth
For: Flavour Studios
My Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer
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After the successful launch of the Network Healthcare website, their VP, Joe Jacob referred us to their subsidiary OmniHealth to create their corporate identity and website.  In short, OmniHealth spearheads innovative patient care by use of information and technology.  It was our job to persuade the target audience that patient care was more than just the bottom line; it is all about the quality of the experience the patient receives weather it is a sick child in a hospital bed or an elderly women confused about her prescription.

Our approach was to take a light hearted, non invasive yet energetic colour scheme to brand OmniHealth.  The imagery in the logo conveys optimism while the simple modern font with slight stylization portrays innovation. Below are the final logo designs presented to OmniHealth.  #1 representing optimism, #2 and 3 representing growth, and #4 and 5 representing life.

OmniHealth logo proposal

By expanding on the logo concept to the website layout, we continued to carry the visual message of change and innovation.  The proportions of the sections are slightly skewed from a typical layout to make it unique from the rest of the crowd yet it is simple and intuitive enough for ease of navigation.

The extended colour scheme derived from the logo are clean and bright colours but do not over-saturate for the healthcare industry.  Each of the sections of the website are subtly colour coded to give visual clues of the various pages.  A drop down menu with the sub categories will appear giving further options of navigation.

The main centered image space is reserved for a banner or future flash vignette.  It’s elongated ratio aids in creating a strong focal point.