Chimera Spokesmodel Outfit

Project: Spokesmodel Outfit Design
Client: Chimera Technology
For: xGeneration Marketing
My Role: Designer

Last Fall I had the special privilege of flying out to Montréal to interview and hire a couple spokesmodels to represent  Chimera Technology at the Global iGaming Summit & Expo.  Before I selected the attractive and classy models, I was in charge of designing branded outfits for them.  Our client strongly believed that sex sells, especially for the demographic that we were targeting at the trade show.  The biggest challenge was to find the right balance of sexiness to gain shock value without taking it too far.  After all, the objective was to gain positive exposure for the company.

Since it was a two day convention, we decided to have the models wear a different outfit each day.  On day one, they wore risqué receptionist attire in conservative black and white.  An unbuttoned fitted dress shirt was tied in front and slightly revealed a vibrant turquoise bra(colour from corporate identity)  creating an undeniable focal point.  Footwear consisted of black heels with a turquoise sole.  Think of them as modified Louboutins.  Day two’s apparel was casual, sporty and of course, revealing.  A black hooded cropped sweatshirt emblazoned with the company slogan on the sleeves and logo on the chest.  White short shorts came fully branded with a logo on the butt (where most will be staring from behind).  Supporting the feet were comfortable white Pumas with the signature stripe in Chimera’s turquoise.

Aftermath – The trade show was a huge success by gaining an enormous list of leads.  The models did a great job informing attendees and handing out Chimera marketing material.  Maybe I should hire models for myself.

Chimera Spokesmodel Outfit Screenprint

Boring technical stuff – Formatted vector files with Pantone numbers and dimensions were sent to the printer for a flawless screen-printing process.