128trip homepage

Project: Website/Usability Design
Client: 128trip.com
For: Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp.
My Role: Graphic Designer, Usability Designer

Oriens Travel successfully obtained the GDS from Sabre Holdings to build their own travel site targeting web savvy users looking for specialized trips to the continent of Asia.  Through 128trip’s networks, they are able to provide great deals on tours and trips to China.

The main objectives while building this site was to keep the learning curve very low for the user and provide a one-stop hub for all their travel needs.  Travel tips and useful info can be obtained from the Advantage Guide section, while users can interact and discuss locations, places to eat and see in Travellers’ Community forums.

128trip booking process

A Brand loyalty program was established with the 128trip Advantage Club.  Members of the club can collect points every time they make a reservation with 128trip to be redeemable on a future trip.  Having member profiles also allows targeted promos to be sent out based on their traveling preferences.

The corporate identity for 128trip was derived from taking an ancient element (Chinese doorway) and fusing it with modern style (clean san-serif fonts).  The colour scheme started from the traditional lucky red, then we increased the tone and paired it up with a fresh green for optimal contrast and vitality.  Select rounded corners taken from the 128trip business card add to the personality of the uncluttered travel site.